Air Driven vs. Electrical Handpieces

Air driven or electric driven handpiecesAdvantages of air and electric driven handpieces

The handpiece is one of the most commonly used dental instrument in practice today. With many applications in endodontics, general dentistry, and implantology, having a comfortable handpiece that works well is essential. In many countries the high speed, air-driven turbine is the most popular option, because the system is much cheaper than an electric handpiece and it is easy to service. However, the electrical handpiece is rapidly gaining popularity and is used beside a turbine more frequently in Europe and Asia.

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Why should dentists use electric handpieces?

Electric handpieces ELECTROmaticKaVo ELECTROmatic. Electrics made easy with KaVo.

Electric handpiece systems (electric handpieces) consist of a control unit, cord, micromotor and various attachment or handpiece options. Many systems easily connect to existing dental units. Systems require between 110 and 230 VAC, connect to the dental unit turbine tube with compressed air (40-60 psi) and use the existing dental unit foot control. It works by depressing the foot control, which activates the micromotor to produce the electric energy required to rotate the bur.

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The mounting adapter for the KaVo FOCUS

Intraoral x-ray always within reach

KaVo offers a mounting adapter for the light mounting post of the KaVo treatment units.The adapter enables easy mounting and an ideal positioning of the KaVo FOCUS. Thereby, KaVo provides a state of the art integrated x-ray and treatment unit workflow. Thanks to the option to adapt the KaVo FOCUS directly on the light mounting post of the treatment unit the KaVo FOCUS is always in the right place – close to the patient.

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5 years of experience with the K-ERGOgrip handpiece

K-ERGOgripA dental technician shares his experience

The art of dental technology is complex. Despite the intricate nature of the work itself, the long periods of maximum concentration typical of complex laboratory tasks often require a lot of stamina. The angle one's wrist needs to be set at in order to work with conventional laboratory drives or handpieces can place dental technicians under significant strain. Developed and designed in accordance with anatomical needs, KaVo’s new K-ERGOgrip laboratory drive is a perfect and logical solution to this problem. Read now why dental technician Manfred Horn has choosen this laboratory handpiece.

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