Tips for a long service life of your KaVo instruments – Part 1

chucking systemThe chucking system

The first part of our series about tips for a long service life of your KaVo instruments focuses on the chucking system. For a long service life of the chucking system, intact shafts and compliance with the dimensions of the dental tools and diamond grinders are especially important. The right choice of the tools plays also an important role for prolonging the service life of your KaVo handpiece. Experience our tips and tricks about the chucking system or about the right clamping length by using dental drills.

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Extend the service life of your dental handpieces

teaser-ins-deLearn from our tips and increase your instrument's life

KaVo found out that more than 50% of all reparations received are caused by improper cleaning and care. In these cases, unnecessary repair costs arise due to the premature failure of your dental instruments. This failure could have been prevented with good care and cleaning. Therefore, we added important facts and createt a series of posts for prolonging the service life of your rotating handpieces from KaVo. We will share these tips and facts with you in the next few weeks. At the end of our series we will provide you a compact manual with all tips and tricks which you can download.

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Designing Your Dental Office

Designing Your Dental OfficeWith Customer Comfort in Mind

It’s no secret that many people have anxiety about going to the dentist. This can range from mild nervousness all the way through debilitating fear that can actually keep people from seeing a dentist at all. Knowing this makes it especially important to consider your potential clients when designing your dental office. Patients want a space that is comfortable and peaceful, and will help them stay relaxed during their visit.

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