Diagnostics made easy …

DIAGNOdent… with the KaVo DIAGNOdent pen

Accurate diagnostic testing is a cornerstone of dental and diagnostic treatment. Without a trustworthy and accurate diagnosis, it is impossible to formulate an effective treatment plan. This can severely compromise patient safety, comfort, and satisfaction, which can have a profound effect on a dental practice. It is easy to see why dental diagnostics is such a crucial skill for the dentist. We tell our patients to have a dental examination at least every six months to minimize the risk of ongoing dental disease and promote early detection of caries and other problems. In addition to using clinical skill and x-ray images, the DIAGNOdent pen plays an important role in dental diagnostics.

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Tips for a long service life of your kavo instruments – part 2

teaser-tip2Cleaning and reprocessing of your surgical handpieces

The first part of our series about tips for a long service life of your KaVo instruments focused the chucking system. In this post it is all about your surgical handpieces, which need to be subjected to special treatment. Surgical instruments are exposed to extreme loads. For example, the ball bearings rotate during the preparation of tooth as fast as 20,000 mph. These performance obviously requires optimal cleanness and optimal lubrication with an oil of the highest level of quality.

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