Discover the KaVo Digital Dentistry

digital dentistryKaVo Digital Dental Solutions for your Digital Dentistry

Dental x-rays and other imaging studies have long been the gold standard for dental diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. As technology evolves, more and more practitioners are leaning towards the benefits of digital dentistry to streamline their practice. Measurements and testing results no longer need to be manually entered into a chart or computer system; the benefit of digital dentistry is that new technology can do that in half the time and with twice the accuracy and ease of traditional equipment.

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The KaVo X-Ray Positioning Guide

X-Ray Positioning Guidetips on how to take digital x-rays

Dental professionals recognize the importance of taking an accurate x-ray image. It is essential that operators truly learn how to take a dental x ray, and understand the intricacies involved. This x-ray positioning guide will provide tips to help both new and experienced operators learn how to take digital x-rays.
Even the most experienced dental technician should make sure that they are familiar with the piece of machinery that they are working with before using it. Reviewing the machine’s x-ray positioning guide is a good place to start.
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Welcome to the KaVo Blog

KaVo Blogthe new KaVo Dental Blog

We would like to welcome you to our new KaVo Dental Blog. On this blog, we write about topics, which relate to the entire dental life like exciting events and webinars, new product innovations, tips and tricks on how to improve your dental business, and much more.
Have fun and enjoy!