5 years of experience with the K-ERGOgrip handpiece

K-ERGOgripA dental technician shares his experience

The art of dental technology is complex. Despite the intricate nature of the work itself, the long periods of maximum concentration typical of complex laboratory tasks often require a lot of stamina. The angle one's wrist needs to be set at in order to work with conventional laboratory drives or handpieces can place dental technicians under significant strain. Developed and designed in accordance with anatomical needs, KaVo’s new K-ERGOgrip laboratory drive is a perfect and logical solution to this problem. Read now why dental technician Manfred Horn has choosen this laboratory handpiece.

Manfred Horn repots:

The ergonomics of the K-ERGOgrip are superior, as you’d expect from KaVo so it’s designed to sit comfortably in anyone’s hands. Whether you’re cutting, processing steel or performing any large relinings that have to be ground with a high plastic content, the K-ERGO-grip will be comfortable to use.

  • Not too much strain on the wrist.
    Manfred Horn with K-ERGOgrip
    Manfred Horn with his K-ERGOgrip
  • No tired or tingling fingers.
  • No muscle tenseness in the forearm.
  • Strong grip with the hand no longer required.
  • No numbness after prolonged processing.

Especially due to the ergonomics and because the center of gravity is closer to the front, it can be managed distinctly more flexibly and sensitively than any conventional one. Thus especially in the noble metal or ceramic sector the K-ERGOgrip can be handled between the fingers like a fountain pen.

Another positive aspect worth mentioning is the fact that the handpiece can rotate counter-clockwise without speed limitation – ideal for left-hand users.

The cleaning of the chuck mechanism is now done without the use of tools, frequently and by everybody.

A fantastic technical handpiece that represents a quantum jump in ergonomics that my team and I do not want to ever do without.

Discover the KaVo K-ERGOgrip.