Tooth decay quiz for your patients

tooth decayAre you at risk of tooth decay or periodontitis?

More than 95% of all Europeans are affected by tooth decay.

The World Health Organization estimates that only 0.8 percent of the German population has naturally healthy teeth. The extent to which tooth decay forms is influenced by many factors. We have prepared a test for tooth decay which is designed to help patients detect tooth decay at an early stage and undergo the necessary treatment. Tooth decay prevention is pf paramount importance.

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Quiz: Are you a Practice Digital Marketing Specialist?

QuizOur quiz will show you!

How far have you come with your practice’s digital marketing? Or do you even know, what we are talking about? We thought about these and a lot of other questions and created a little quiz for you. Take our quiz and find out, to know your place! Be honest with yourself and check the answer that best applies.

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How to Promote Your Dental Practice with Communications

How to Promote Your Dental Practice with CommunicationsA Guide for the right communication

While the available options and methods to market a dental practice have expanded dramatically over the last decade, there is still a benefit to using traditional communications as a strategy in your marketing plan. In fact, many dentists report great success using these venues as part of their dental marketing plan.

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