Testing the KaVo SMARTmatic PROPHY series

KaVo SMARTmatic PROPHY seriesRead the testimonials of the KaVo SMARTmatic PROPHY series

The teams at Dr. Rusteberg and Dr. Romer’s practices from Germany were among the first to try the KaVo SMARTmatic prophylaxis series. Read about their experiences with the new KaVo SMARTmatic prophylaxis series (SMARTmatic PROPHY S19, SMARTmatic PROPHY S31, SMARTmatic PROPHY S33 and SMARTmatic S53) in the testimonials below.

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Tips for a long service life of your KaVo instruments – Part 3

The proper care of your instruments

Longevity is not only a question of product quality, but also of regular, thorough proper care. Therefore it is important to know tips and tricks about the maintenance of your KaVo instruments. In this article you will find tips about using the KaVo QUATTROcare PLUS and the KaVo Spray. Moreover you will get information about how to care the O-rings and how to storage your KaVo handpieces correctly.

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