Finishing and polishing …

Kerr polishers with KaVo SMARTmatic… with dental handpieces from KaVo and Kerr Polishers

Whether you choose our SMARTmatic instruments for endodontics, restorative, prophylaxis or another application, treatment has never been so smart. With the KaVo SMARTmatic series the highest standards in reliability, a broad spectrum of treatment options and amazing performance are combined in one cost-effective package. In combination with the different polishers from Kerr you are best equipped. For finishing and polishing after a restoration choose the SMARTmatic model S20 or S20 S.


Dental finishing and polishing discs: Kerr OptiDisc ®

The OptiDisc dental finishing and polishing discs system allows you to obtain a perfect final result for your restorations. It assists you from contouring to finishing through the different colour coded grit levels available.


Composite finishing and polishing: Kerr Opti1Step

Opti1Step is a one step composite finishing and polishing accessory for all types of composite restorations, designed for either wet or dry applications. The unique abrasive matrix and gold plated mandrel ensure your polisher’s performances are guaranteed over time. You can vary the abrasiveness based on pressure applied and the tip’s optimized flexibility gives you excellent control on all surfaces. Furthermore different shapes available mean you can access different areas and angles.


High-gloss dental polisher: Kerr Occlubrush®

Occlubrush is a one step polishing system for all types of composite compomers, resin-modified glass ionomers and ceramic indirect restorations. The bristles’ special fiber ensure Occlubrush is non destructive to tooth structure or to the margins of the restoration. Polishing particles are already embedded in the bristles, so no paste is necessary and you can work more quickly than with aconventional polisher.

This polishing system is a key element to finish off any aesthetic restoration. Find out about the full aesthetic workflow offered by Kerr in our step-by-step procedure:

For further information on the application of SMARTmatic dental handpieces click here!