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Dental technology isn’t just a science but also an art. It takes a true dental specialist to analyze the needs of their patient and utilize available and new dental technology to provide comprehensive and customized care.

Dental technologies have changed dramatically throughout the years. From the initial invention of a simple toothbrush, which has changed the course of dental hygiene, to the most recent advancement of digital dental products. Dentists have depended on these products to offer the best care to their patients. They must be also able to adapt these changing technologies into their practice and workflow.

The forefront of dental technologies was the invention of the dental x-ray. This piece of equipment has revolutionized dental practice; never before have dentists been able to directly visualize the inside of their patient’s teeth to determine the type, location, and extent of damage.

While traditional dental x-rays consisted of a film plate that used radiation to capture and expose the images, new dental technology allows the utilization of digital x-rays, which minimize radiation exposure and the time needed for processing. In fact, these x-ray images are instantly available, making it easy and less time-consuming for the dentist to review films, counsel the patient, and plan treatment. Plus, these images are obtained in even greater detail than traditional images, minimizing the risk of misdiagnosis.


The use of computers is the next step in new dental technology. Digital dentistry allows for easier testing, instantaneous results and documentation, and quicker diagnosis, all leading to increased patient and staff satisfaction. No longer do imaging studies need time, radiation, supplies, and staff members to process the films. Rather, this dental technology allows for images to be immediately uploaded into the computer system. Dentists can review results and discuss them with the patient at the chair side before the end of the appointment.

KaVo offers dental technologies that are specially chosen to complement every practice. Whether you are looking to purchase or replace a single piece of equipment or completely upgrade your entire dental laboratory, KaVo has the dental technologies you need to make your practice work efficiently. With several options in CAD/CAM dental technologies, digital software, and digital imaging machines available, KaVo product specialists are happy to discuss your needs and schedule a demo to help determine the best fit for your office.

As a proud member of the Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed), KaVo is committed to recognizing and upholding their Code of Ethics. This code provides specific guidelines to dental technology manufacturers to ensure that the use of dental technologies is in the best interests of patients. It also guides interactions between manufacturers and dental professionals.

You can count on KaVo dental technologies to improve your practice. Dental technology plays an important role in increasing efficiency, workflow, and staff satisfaction in dental offices. Patients, many of whom may be already anxious about their treatment, will be impressed with how comfortable and easy their dental care can be.

KaVo has been a leading provider of dental technology for over 100 years. In 2007 alone, KaVo was responsible for the development of 19 brand new product innovations. Clients all over the world trust KaVo dental technologies in their practice. Contact KaVo today to learn more about their history of innovation and what they can do for your office!

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