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Dentistry and dental practice is constantly evolving. The results from new research studies are continuously improving practice and standards of care. As a result, dentists must make a conscious effort to keep up-to-date with new findings and how they might impact their practice. In addition, dental professionals are required to complete continuing educational credits each year in order to maintain their license and ensure that their knowledge and practice is current. KaVo knows how busy our customers are, especially towards years end, and we strive to make this process as seamless and simple as possible.

KaVo is proud to offer a series of online dental videos and dental webinars that do just that. Whether your specialty is general dentistry, endodontics or dental surgery, every dentist can find a relevant and interesting dental webinar among our course offerings. KaVo has featured courses on visualizing nasal and paranasal sinuses in 3D X-ray, digital diagnosis with implantology, ridding your practice of x-ray chemicals, and basic concepts of prophylaxis and periodontology.

Our live and interactive webinars offer many advantages:

  • education everywhere and anytime
  • free membership
  • no travel costs
  • no time away from the practice
  • interaction with colleagues and experts across the globe
  • ADA CERP-recognized credit administration

KaVo Academy

To further improve our dental webinars, we have teamed up with Dental Tribune to bring you KaVo Academy – a centralized place for each dental webinar that we offer. Dental Tribune has co-sponsored many of KaVo’s online dental course offerings. This means that KaVo is able to offer their clients ADA approved continuing education credits from the convenience of their trusted dental supplier. KaVo Academy’s dental online webinars already have a long history – since 2012 everyone is able to listen to great online dental lectures from well-known dentists about different fields of dentistry, with the ability to watch them at home or from their dental practice.

Many of these dental webinars are available On-Demand so you can access them at your convenience, whether that is during the day or late at night after the office has closed.  You can play and pause them at will, making these courses a truly convenient way to keep up with your education requirements. In addition, KaVo Academy is able to offer all of their dental online courses completely free of charge. KaVo is also expanding their educational products to include live online dental webinars and dental continuing education articles, showing just how committed KaVo is to providing access to top quality dental products and education.

Whether you need required continuing education credits, or are just looking for an interesting dental webinar that is relevant to your practice, KaVo Academy has something for you.

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