Diagnostics made easy …

DIAGNOdent… with the KaVo DIAGNOdent pen

Accurate diagnostic testing is a cornerstone of dental and diagnostic treatment. Without a trustworthy and accurate diagnosis, it is impossible to formulate an effective treatment plan. This can severely compromise patient safety, comfort, and satisfaction, which can have a profound effect on a dental practice. It is easy to see why dental diagnostics is such a crucial skill for the dentist. We tell our patients to have a dental examination at least every six months to minimize the risk of ongoing dental disease and promote early detection of caries and other problems. In addition to using clinical skill and x-ray images, the DIAGNOdent pen plays an important role in dental diagnostics.

DIAGNOdent Accuracy

The DIAGNOdent pen is highly accurate and can be used in the detection of:

  • Early, initial caries
  • Hidden caries
  • Calculus
  • Early periodontitis

During scientific studies looking at DIAGNOdent accuracy, the pen was found to have a 90% detection rate of dentinal caries without cavitation.

Hidden caries remain a major problem in many adult patients, especially since they suffer from proximal and secondary caries that can be difficult to diagnose visually. The laser beam of the approx. probe increases DIAGNOdent accuracy in detecting hidden caries in the proximal region.


How Does the DIAGNOdent Work?

diagnodent-toothThe DIAGNOdent pen scans each tooth for changing levels of fluorescence to look for development of dental caries or other decay. The DIAGNOdent pen must be used after the patient’s teeth were cleaned and dried thoroughly and prior to application of fluoride treatment.
It is possible to adjust the DIAGNOdent pen to each patient, due to individual fluorescence levels: simply apply the probe to the healthy site on a tooth and ensure that the red dot is pointing to the tooth. Turn on the ring switch until you hear two beeps and you can be assured that the DIAGNOdent pen has been set for your patient.

Next, scan the tooth using the Fissure probe F (blue) to assess smooth surfaces and fissues, or the Prox probe A (black) for scanning the proximal area of teeth. It is important to guide the probe gently, without using any pressure to minimize the risk of damage to the dentition. Check the easy-to-read display for the results.

Examination of fissure caries:

Value 0-12 13-24 > 25
Interpretation Healthy tooth substance Initial demineralisation Strong demineralisaiton

Examination of proximal caries:

Value 0-7 8-15 > 16
Interpretation Healthy tooth substance Initial demineralisation Strong demineralisation

When interpreting the results of the DIAGNOdent pen, there is the possibility of false positive results, which can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Poorly cleaned teeth
  • Fluorescent composite fillings
  • Calculus/concretions
  • Food residue in the fissures
  • Prophylaxis pastes
  • Remineralised caries
  • Strong natural fluorescence or discoloration
  • Prior exposure to radiation

The dentist should be aware of these potential risk factors for a false positive when evaluating the patient.


DIAGNOdent Benefitsdiagnodent

In addition to accuracy, using the DIAGNOdent pen has many benefits for both patients and dentists.

  • Reduced radiation exposure: Even routine dental diagnostics expose your patients to small amounts of radiation that can add up over the years. Using this tool can reduce total radiation exposure because it is highly accurate for caries detection without the need for dental x-rays. This is especially important in special populations, such as pregnant women and young children.
  • Improved patient comfort and satisfaction: This gentle tool is comfortable and well-liked by patients, and can encourage even the most fearful patient to return for their routine visits.
  • Useful for all ages: The DIAGNOdent pen can be used in patients of all ages, and is particularly useful in detection fissure caries in young children and adolescents.
  • Easy integration into workflow: The DIAGNOdent pen is a high quality device with low-maintenance required. It is easy and intuitive to use and ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in your hand. In addition, the easy-to-read display minimizes the risk of misreading the results.

If you are ready to consider using the DIAGNOdent to improve dental diagnostics in your office, get in touch with KaVo today to learn more about this amazing tool.