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Did you know - different USB interfaces of your dental chairUSB interface, dentist element vs. interface USB camera

There are two USB interfaces available for the dentist element of the dental chairs ESTETICA E50 Life and E70/E80 Vision. But what is the difference between the USB interface, dentist element and the interface USB camera?

USB interface, dentist element

interface USB camera
USB interface, dentist element
The USB interface, dentist element is the interface at the back of the dentist element. It is designed to be the interface for intraoral X-Ray sensors, USB – sticks or other USB – devices. It is an open interface. Please check the instructions for use of each dental chair to find out what requirements the devices, which you would like to use with this interface, need to fulfil.


Interface USB camera

USB interface, dentist element
Interface USB camera
The Interface USB camera is positioned at the bottom of the dentist element like a normal instrument tube. It is used to attach KaVo cameras, which are placed into an instrument holder of the dentist element, or other KaVo specified applied parts with USB interface. We normally use it for DIAGNOcam U and ERGOcam One. It is a proprietary KaVo / non-open interface.


Using the USB interface of the dentist element for the X-Ray sensors

Having a KaVo dental chair with the USB interface, dentist element, you can use the X-Ray sensors by plugging them into this USB hub of the dental chair. The only requirements are:

– The X-Ray software (e.g. VixWin) is installed on the operatory PC
– The operatory PC and the dental chair are connected via USB

If CONEXIO is used on the dental chair, the USB connection is (+ additional Ethernet and DisplayPort connections are) already available.


FAQ about endodontic handpieces

Which handpiece should be used for the integrated endodontics function?

We recommend for our integrated torque control (endodontics function – mat.no. 0320034) of the ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision, E50 Life and E30 the following handpiece and heads:

MASTERmatic LUX M20L 1:1 (mat.no. 1.009.3620) with
INTRA head L66B 3:1 (mat.no. 1.008.1831) or
INTRA head L68B 1:1 (mat.no. 1.008.1834)