Did you know?

Did you know dental chairHidden features of our dental chairs and operating lights

We have selected a number of "hidden features" that might be interesting for you and your employees and make the work in your dental office easier. 

Tray Assistant Element

Did you know that a norm tray is available for the assistant elements of all KaVo dental chairs?

The additional tray offers even more space to place instrumentsTray assistant element or waste during the treatment. This results in ergonomic benefits: less twisting of the torso is needed, as the assistant does not have to reach out to the furniture behind her to put something down or pick materials up. Furthermore, the tray improves the workflow, as the reduced movements also save time.

The tray is available for the KaVo dental chairs
ESTETICA E70/E80 VisionESTETICA E50 Life and
PRIMUS 1058 Life.


Suction tube guide

Did you know that there is a suction tube guide available for the KaVo dental chairs?

Benefits:Suction tube guide
– Easy to slide tubes back into the holder
– Tubes are bent less often and therefore wear out less
– Weight of tubes is lighter for the assistant
– Can be used as handle to position assistant element

The suction tube guide is available for the dental chairs ESTETICA E50 Life and PRIMUS 1058 Life.


Second saliva ejector for your dental chair

Did you know that you can equip your dental chair with a second saliva ejector?

With two saliva ejectors you can provide more suction capacity which is especially needed during surgical treatments. The additional ejector is available for the dental chairs ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision,
ESTETICA E50 Life and PRIMUS 1058 Life.


KaVoLUX 540 LED Laser Mode

Did you know thaht the KaVoLUX 540 LED has four modes?

– Normal mode
– Dim mode
– COMPOsave mode
– Laser mode

The laser mode is e. g. being used during treatments with the DIAGNOdent pen. On top of that it is also ideal for taking high resolution pictures. Taking images in laser mode, there won’t be any disturbing grey lines which might appear in the normal operation mode.

KaVoLUX laser mode
Laser mode
KaVoLUX normal mode
Normal mode