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Dental x-rays and other imaging studies have long been the gold standard for dental diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. As technology evolves, more and more practitioners are leaning towards the benefits of digital dentistry to streamline their practice. Measurements and testing results no longer need to be manually entered into a chart or computer system; the benefit of digital dentistry is that new technology can do that in half the time and with twice the accuracy and ease of traditional equipment.

In-office digital dentistry

When you are making an investment into in-office digital volume tomography, flexibility and efficiency are a must. With the Gendex GXDP-700 3D imaging machine, you get both. This modular X-ray unit comes with variable 2D/3D imaging, and is easily upgraded to include Pan + Ceph, Pan + 3D, or Pan + Ceph + 3D as you need them. We also offer the Gendex GXDP-800 with dose reduction technology and four FOVs. Both models are easy to operate and integrate into your practice workflow and organization, the perfect solution for any dentist looking to add digital volume tomography to their practice.

The KaVo 3D eXam+ cone beam 3D dental imaging system has revolutionized digital practice. This in-office digital dental imaging system offers an alternative to traditional CT scans and is less expensive and quicker. It also exposes your patient to less radiation. It will give you a thorough view of all structures in the face, jaw, and mouth, assuring you of complete diagnostic information and accurate treatment plans.

digital dentistry of Gendex

If you are looking to introduce your practice to a digital dental model while minimizing your investment in new equipment, consider Gendex and the new GXPS-500. This scanner maintains your already familiar workflow by utilizing thin wireless imaging plates instead of the traditional film. These match the size of and are used in the same way as your film plates. Rather than dealing with the mess and time associated with film processing, your new image plates will give you a read-out in only 5-7 seconds, and can be reused for the next patient. Smaller plates and easy positioning in the patient’s mouth improves patient satisfaction and comfort, and even minimizes their exposure to radiation. This product provides a seamless transition for any practice into the world of digital dentistry.

While the strength of the imaging plate system GXPS-500 is the easy of use and the flexibility of plate sizes near to what you had with intraoral films, the Gendex GXS-700 is a direct digital sensor system that allows you to see the image immediately after exposure. Especially for endodontic treatment or in surgery exposures digital sensor systems have an advantage due to the immediate image display. Also for status acquisition of multiple areas the digital sensor is a perfect choice because it speeds up the whole acquisition process significantly. The GXS-700 is available in two sizes and can be directly connected to the USB port of a computer.

Digital dentistry of Instrumentarium and NOMAD

Our Instrumentarium OP300 is a digital dental imaging system that every office can use for their digital practice, including routine X-rays and orthodontics images. With multiple available volumes and resolutions, dental practitioners can select the smallest appropriate volume for a given clinical situation. This system offers FOV positioning in multiple directions to produce precise images, whether you are using the images diagnostically or therapeutically.

If you care for children, the NOMAD Pro 2 is a must have for your office. This dental X-ray unit has revolutionized dental X-rays. This portable unit allows you to take intraoral X-rays chairside, making it an ideal digital tool for any practice. Besides allowing your staff to stay with and support their patients, it makes the entire process more efficient and pleasant for the patient.

Digital dentistry is the wave of the future and every successful practice should recognize the benefits that this technology can offer. Patients will appreciate the ability to have their orthodontics images and other digital dental imaging done quickly and seamlessly in your office. With KaVo digital dental equipment, you can take your practice to the next level, inspiring patient confidence and trust, and enabling your staff to be safer, more efficient, and to take better care of your patients.


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