Discover the KaVo preclinical portfolio

KaVo Vorklinik Produkte in einer √úbersicht Discover excellence in education from one source

Based on close partnerships with German and international universities, KaVo’s innovations and experience put it at the forefront of the market. We provide solutions for every need, from preclinical to clinical training, digital dentistry and dental technology.

Whatever areas you wish to equip, KaVo offers comprehensive and competent consultation. Our
experts will accompany you throughout the entire planning and implementation process. We
then train students, dentists and professors on how to use KaVo equipment, including providing
important information to extend the new equipment’s service life.

This guarantees a smooth procedure with minimum downtime during training and clinic operation.

The KaVo preclinical portfolio at a glance

KaVo products stand out with their long service life. Both educators and students enjoy the benefits of working with smoothly running educational and clinical equipment.

KaVo simulation units

KaVo DSEclinical 5198 - Dental Simulation UnitKaVo dental simulation units offer a superior learning experience in preclinical training. Their robust set-up and reliable components are especially developed for daily student usage. Depending on your needs, you can choose from various simulation units.

  • Modular configurations and flexible instrumentation
  • Students can simulate all dental treatments under ergonomic and realistic working conditions
  • Robust design and high quality materials for a long service life


Patient simulators – so lifelike and so versatile

Patient simulator KaVo Adam for the preclinical education KaVo patient simulators are robust and as realistic as a real patient. All reference
points, levels and movements relevant to dentistry are integrated. In addition, the
anatomical shape, colour and materials give students the feeling of treating real
patients. Patient simulators can be used in several ways:

  • On dental simulation units
  • On dental treatment units
  • On table for demonstration purposes


Digital Education Systems

KaVo EDUnet The future belongs to those who recognize the next big step and then dare to take it. Modern dental medicine is getting more and more digitalized. Following this trend, KaVo offers innovative systems which maximize the teaching efficiency of tutors and help students to get used to new technologies right from the start.

  • Efficient teaching solutions save tutors time and maximize student results
  • 3D graphs improve student understanding of complex topics
  • Students learn to use modern technology right from the start


Customized Lab Technology

KaVo MASTERspace classic laboratory equipmentNext to being one of the largest system suppliers worldwide, KaVo also has decades of expertise in dental technology. In close collaboration with an experienced team of planning specialists, we develop equipment solutions in dental technology and preclinical training, perfectly tailored to your needs. Our key strengths are optimized procedures along with ergonomic and functional planning and design of both dental technology and prosthetic workplaces.

  • Long lasting quality devices
  • Highest functionality
  • KaVo “made in Germany” precision


Expierence here the KaVo Preclinical Portfolio.