Do you know our imaging portfolio?

KaVo Imaging PortfolioMore possibilities at a glance

Our imaging portfolio includes not only 2D, 3D and CBCT X-Ray machines, but also imaging plate systems, intraoral sensors and intraoral cameras. In the following you will find an overview of possibilities of the KaVo imaging products.

In this post we presented all our X-Ray machines. Now you can experience the highlights of our products for intraoral imaging.


KaVo Focus intraoral X-ray system — the compact X-ray unit for taking images close to the patient.

  • Anti-Drift Mechanism (ADM) for smooth movements and stable positioning
  • Always close to the patient due to new adapter, designed for stable mounting on KaVo units
  • 3 optional arm lengths available
  • Compact system for installation even in small spaces
  • Excellent build quality and exceptional stability for long lasting performance and reliable operation
  • 60 / 70 kV technology

KaVo GXS-700 – the intraoral sensor technology for direct image capture.

  • CMOS sensor with CsI technology, in two sizes
  • Ergonomically shaped sensor housing
  • Images with visible resolution of over 20 line pairs/mm
  • 2.5 m cable directly from the sensor to the USB 2.0 port

KaVo Scan eXam – performance for specialists.

  • Excellent image quality in all intraoral sizes (0 to 4C)
  • Short scan times from as little as 5 seconds
  • Clear colour display with patient name and image preview
  • Solid metal body
  • UV Hygiene function for interior disinfection
  • Individual iDOT™ plate marking for quality assurance

KaVo Scan eXam One – ingeniously simple.

  • Simple to learn and intuitive to operate
  • Optimized image quality in all intraoral sizes (0 to 4C)
  • User help and patient name on the display
  • Short scan times as little as 6 seconds
  • 5 selectable cover colours
  • Individual iDOT™ plate marking for quality assurance

KaVo DIAGNOcam – the innovative detection device that uses light waves instead of X-rays.

  • Compact, mobile diagnostic unit for reliable, X-ray free detection of caries using near-infrared light
  • Rapid diagnosis of occlusal, approximal and decaying lesions and cracks at the edge of fillings
  • Built-in video camera for transfer to a screen
  • Control of image and video function from the dentist's control panel or foot switch
  • VDDS interfaces for communication with practice software
  • Compact design, overall weight of just 190 g
  • Can be connected easily via USB 2.0 

KaVo ERGOcam One – the small intraoral camera that makes a big impression.

  • Images with excellent colour reproduction and depth of field
  • Extremely large focal field makes focusing unnecessary
  • Image resolution selected by hand or with the foot control
  • Handpiece length 21 cm, camera head just 12 mm in diameter
  • Prism lens with large 90-degree viewing angle
  • Can be connected easily via USB 2.0
  • Can only be used on a KaVo treatment unit

You can also see the KaVo imaging portfolio in our video: