The most important questions about DIAGNOcam

DIAGNOcamThe KaVo DIAGNOcam Caries Detection device

The KaVo DIAGNOcam is a compact and mobile device for caries detection. It uses DIFOTI Technology (Digital Imaging Fiber Optic Transillumination) to illuminate the tooth. It supports the diagnosis of occlusal, interproximal and secondary caries as well as cracks. Read all about the questions customers sent to us. We answer your questions!

1. What type of caries can I detect with DIAGNOcam?

Occlusal caries, aproximal caries, secondary caries (up to a certain filling height) and cracks in the supra-gingival area.



2. Do teeth require cleaning prior to assessment?

Prior cleaning is always recommended. However, due to the technology used, no adverse effect on diagnostic results in non-cleaned condition should be expected.



 KaVo DIAGNOcam3. Can DIAGNOcam be used on children with deciduous teeth?

Yes, for the treatment of children, the small attachment that comes with each detection device is especially suitable. As the enamel of teeth of the first dentition frequently appears opaque and as its overall thickness is less than in teeth of the second dentition, a certain diagnosis may not be possible in every case.



 4. What contraindications exist?

Diagnostic capability is strongly limited or restricted by a restorations (such as crowns) and very large fillings. Subgingival caries cannot be diagnosed. At the moment it is still recommended to base the diagnosis not entirely on DIAGNOcam findings. The detection device is intended for complementing the diagnoses of caries, especially for the early detection.



5. How is DIAGNOcam maintained between patients?

The removable attachments can be sterilised and disinfected. The handpiece is disinfected by wipe disinfection.



KaVo DIAGNOcam6. Is DIAGNOcam compatible with Apple / Mac?

No, the device is usually not compatible with Mac. It is only compatible if a Windows operating system is installed.



7. Is DIAGNOdent still available?

Yes, DIAGNOdent pen + display are available as always. DIAGNOdent 2095 is no longer available since May 2012. With DIAGNOdent pen and DIAGNOcam KaVo offers suitable products for your specific requirements and thus emphasises its leading market and innovation position in the detection of caries.



8. Can DIAGNOcam replace x-ray completely?

The detector is not suitable in the diagnosis of e.g. root caries or assessment of periodontic condition. As mentioned, it is intended as supplemental diagnostic device. In this context, its use can either avoid unnecessary x-ray, as pre-diagnostic findings would have ruled out an indication for x-ray. Or targeted x-ray pictures are made, which – based on clinical – appearance would not have been made.



KaVo DIAGNOcam9. Can the use of DIAGNOcam be billed under the new fee schedule for dentists (GOZ Verordnung)?

So far no billable item exists for the DIAGNOcam. Its use can only be billed as private supplementary service. However, research in dental surgeries so far has showed acceptance of fees between € 15 and 20, when its use is integrated into prophylaxis.



10. Can DIAGNOcam be also used as IO camera?

The main application of an intra-oral camera is the representation of surfaces (e.g. insufficient dental prosthesis, defective filling margins, gingivitis, plaque, etc.). In contrast to that, the detector offers with its black and white pictures support in the diagnosis of areas that are not visible on the surface. As such the range of indications of the DIAGNOcam cannot be compared with that of an intra-oral camera.



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