FAQs about SMARTmatic

KaVo SMART matic SerieCurrent questions and answers

You have questions about the new SMARTmatic instruments? We have put the most important questions and answers together for you. Here you can find out, for example, which models of the new instrument series is for which field of application. The SMARTmatic series offers handpieces and contra-angels for prophylaxis, endodontics and restauration. 




What are the main differences between INTRAmatic E / ES and the new SMARTmatic instruments?

  • SMARTmatic consists in contrast to INTRAmatic E / ES to 100% of stainless steel.
  • SMARTmatic head diameters have been reduced up to 8%.
  • Different head and knee angles:

    INTRAmatic E SMARTmatic
    head angle: 106°   head angle: 90°
    knee angle: 16° knee angle: 18°


Where are SMARTmatic instruments developed and produced?

100% Made in Germany. All instruments are developed and produced exclusively in Germany.


What are the advantages of the oscillating movement of the S33 and S53? SMARTmatic S33 und S53

The oscillating movement by approx. 70° leads to:

  • low heat generation on the tooth surface
  • polishing paste sticks to polishing cup
  • saliva is not pulled up on polisher
  • clean and effective polishing even in approximal spaces that are difficult to reach


When will the 8:1 and the 32:1 Endo instrument be used?

SMARTmatic S81 und S321S81:

The reduction ratio 8:1 is perfect for combination with an electric motor. At a speed range of 100 to 40.000 rpm ideal filing velocities arise in the range of 13 to 5.000 rpm.


The reduction ratio 32:1 is perfect for combination with an air motor. At a speed range of 5.000 to 20.000 rpm ideal filing velocities arise in the range of 156 to 625 rpm.


Is it possible to use the ENDO S81 also for prophylaxis?

That is not advisable, because the mechanical design of the ENDO S81 instrument is not suitable for the special requirements of prophylaxis. Forces and contaminations, which occur within the prophylaxis, exceed those of the endodontics by far.


SMARTmatic S20 S und S10 SWhat is the difference between the SMARTmatic models S10 S / S20 S and the models S10 / S20?

The models S10 S and S20 S are with spray function. Otherwise they have the same properties as the models S10 and S20. If you don't need the instrument with spray, you should choose the S10 or S20.


Which methods are allowed to use for reprocessing (cleaning / disinfection / sterilization)?

The instruments are wash- and desinfectable in the thermal disinfector and sterilisable up to 138 °C / 280.4° F. Furthermore it is allowed to use manual procedures. Instrument maintenance must be carried out with KaVo Spray or the QUATTROcare Plus.