Guidelines for efficient and ergonomic dental chairs

What you should watch out for

By choosing the perfect and individual dental chair you should take different factors into account. Equally whether flexibility, intuitive handling, comfort during the treatment or network connectivity in the whole practice. We help you to get an overview what you should watch out for.


1. Flexibility and compatibility:

When selecting dental chairs, it is worth checking their flexibility and compatibility. It is good to give a preference to systems which allow the most possibilities for upgrading at a later date, for example if your speciality changes or you engage other practitioners. Moreover you should preference equipment which can easily integrate additional functions and appliances from other manufacturers. Furthermore, it is necessary to look after the number of available instrument holders or upgrade functions like USB ports. In addition support for external products must also be taken into consideration. Because not all of the necessary instruments/equipment will be available from the same manufacturer. The dental equipment should be flexible enough for any future adaptations brought about by new requirements or an enlarged portfolio of services. So-called “open” systems are a favoured choice in this case and can offer considerable (financial) advantages.

intuitive touchscreen 2. Intuitive use:

The dental chair should have a simple, intuitive mode of operation. But it should also be adaptable to include preset programms, ergonomically optimised to suit the needs of the practitioner. Thus several dentists can use the dental chair in accordance with their personal preferences, without having to change the settings of their colleagues.

3. Short distances:

When it comes to the layout of the treatment room, ensure that furniture, equipment and instruments are positioned around the dental chair, so that the distances for reaching them during treatment are reduced to a minimum.

foot control 4. Integrated solutions:

When it comes to dental equipment, it is good to give a preference for systems which are integrated into the dental chair or can be adapted for integration, not only in order to save space, but so that they may be used immediately. In most cases, these systems can be controlled through the dentist’s element and assistant’s element as well as by a foot control. A further advantage is that integrated or adapted solutions are considerably less expensive than comparable stand-alone appliances. Furthermore they have significant ergonomic advantages.

5. Comfort of use:

A comfortably seated patient will be more relaxed during treatment. Also the whole team of practitioners will be able to enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere. When acquiring a dental chair, take note of the options for positioning the backrest, adjusting the height adjustment and raising the chair. In addition you should consider if you can change the height/tilt of the headrest.

6. Storage areas:

storage area Easy-to-reach storage spaces for trays, instruments and small appliances such as diode lasers or caries diagnosis systems are very practical within the dental chair. Ideally, units should have a rotating double-tray storage place in front of the patient and additional trays on the side for both the practitioner and the assistant.

7. Automated functions:

Automated functions such as turning off the chair lighting, rinsing the cuspidor bowl and refilling the mouthwash can contribute to easing the burden of your dental team. In addition, automated hygiene routines and protocols for internal disinfecting and servicing of the dental chair can support and facilitate practice procedures.

8. Network:

If possible, choose a dental chair that can communicate with the practice network. Individually produced or automatically generated data, such as system checks and procedural protocols, as well as intraoral camera images, X-ray images and different types of patient measurements, can be shared within the practice network or saved in the patient’s files. The dental chair will thus become part of your practice network.

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