Highlights & features of KaVo dental chairs

KaVo dental chairs If you’re looking for the best there is…

… you’ll love KaVo dental chairs. Our contribution to a perfect day at work. A dental chair is the centrepiece of every dental practice. It is the focal point of your daily work from which you treat and consult your patients.To meet your daily challenges, we at KaVo are passionate about manufacturing dental chairs that will make your work as easy and safe as possible.

This includes practice-driven solutions such as:

  • automated hygiene functions,
  • contactless, intuitive operation and
  • innovations for long-term ergonomically sound and healthy work environment.


KaVo dental chairs – Made in Germany

Our development and production is located in Germany because for us “Made in Germany” is more than a promise. Through it we guarantee the highest quality and reliability in materials, workmanship and service. Because we know: a KaVo dental chair doesn’t just benefit you and your patients on a daily basis, but also the practice as a whole.


1. Highlight: Easy handling

  • Intuitive, efficient workflow due to logical and comfortable operation
  • Smooth and precise table positioning for a fatigue-free and healthy work environment
  • Modular, configurable and expandable
  • KaVo’s single-hand system: positioning of dentist element and service table ready for treatment in one motion
  • Tray for 5 or 6 instruments (KaVo ESTETICA E70, E50, Primus 1058 can be upgraded at any time)
  • Service table as functional bridge to the assistant


2. Highlight: Best ergonomics

  • Was awarded the AGR seal of approval (E70/E80)
  • More than 100 years of KaVo means ergonomics are always prioritised
  • Natural posture, whether seated or standing up
  • Precise and relaxed working, fatigue-free work
  • The best position for the patient in the patient chair


3. Highlight: Quality and reliability

  • Top-quality durable components for long-lasting stability and reliability
  • Precise processing according to superior quality standards
  • Fine tuning and gradation of all functions
  • Maximum reliability due to comprehensive long-term tests


4. Highlight: Safe hygiene

  • Automated and standardised hygiene
  • Simple and faster cleaning
  • Removable parts
  • Increased health & safety through anti-reflux systems


An overview of our dental chairs and their features you can find here.

We have also prepared a list of 9 quality items that need to be checked on a regular basis for dental chairs, dental units and treatment units. Make sure you do not forget one. Download the checklist for free!