Tailored to your comfort from head to foot

KaVo foot controlwith the KaVo foot control

You have got your hands full while treating your patients? Simply control your KaVo treatment unit with your foot. Your hands remain free for a concentrated treatment in the oral cavity. By gently touching the switching surfaces of your KaVo foot control, you can thus access all instrument and chair functions. Moreover the multimedia functions of your KaVo ESTETICA dental chair can be controlled comfortably with the foot control.



Wireless foot control for more comfort

If you don't want to have cables on the floor, you can select the special foot-operated remote control system. It is available for the KaVo dental chairs ESTETICA E80, E70 and E50. The cordless version of the foot control has the same functions and ergonomics as the wired one. The safety is increased due to the absence of a connecting cable between the dental chair and the foot control. In addition, the free choice of positioning enables an ergonomic work posture. Thus increasing your comfort even further.


Hygiene is a natural result

To prevent cross-contamination, there is hardly a more important method than avoiding contact. With the KaVo foot control you don't have to touch the dental chair and the instruments during the treatment and can therefore effectively reduce cross-contamination within your dental practice. If you chose the wireless foot control, there is no cable which you have to clean.


No more muscle tenseness

With conventional units, the foot control is actuated by applying varying muscle tension when you move your foot up and down. Not so with KaVo. The drawn-out fatiguing kind of operation no longer applies. Instead, the gentle, effortless right-left pivoting movement of your foot precisely controls your KaVo dental chair. Therefore your leg muscles remain relaxed even after long periods of time, irrespective of whether you are sitting or standing while working.


Highlights and advantages for you

  • Operation of chair, instrument and multimedia functions
  • No fatigue thanks to left-right movement
  • Easy, precise speed control
  • Improved hygiene, especially avoidance of cross-infections
  • The foot control can be placed anywhere, due to the suspended chair of the KaVo ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision also under the dental chair
  • Wireless foot control (optional) with immediate signal transfer for even more hygiene because completely cordless