Loss of power in the PiezoLED Ultrasonic Scaler?

PiezoLEDCorrect use of the KaVo PiezoLED Ultrasonic Scaler

From time to time we receive reports of a loss of power in the KaVo PiezoLED Ultrasonic Scaler. This is often down to incorrect use. In order to avoid this, we would like to show you some tips on correct use and the intelligent feedback control of the PiezoLED Scaler.

The PiezoLED Ultrasonic Scaler is a classic in ultrasonic scaling, combining maximum treatment effectiveness with optimum patient comfort. Thanks to the intelligent feedback control, the power only increases if the tip of the instrument is under load. If the tip is carried along the tooth where there is no hard calculus, the vibration remains low. This is noticeably more pleasant for the patient than a conventional scaler. Once the tip encounters tartar, the ultrasonic power increases immediately up to the maximum set output, thus ensuring efficient calculus removal..

For optimum function, the following should be noted when using the PiezoLED Scaler.


You can find more information about PiezoLED Ultrasonic Scaler here.