Maintenance of your KaVo Pan eXam Plus

Cleaning Pan eXam PlusCleaning and disinfecting your kavo pan exam plus

Keeping a x-ray device clean and sterile is not that easy. The cleaning and disinfecting procedure described below should help for keeping the unit tidily. We want to show you the steps, which are most important and effective for the best use of your KaVo Pan eXam Plus.

General instructions

CAUTION! Switch the unit off or disconnect it from mains before cleaning the unit. If you use a spray cleaner do not spray into any ventilation grills. Do not allow water or other cleaning liquids to enter the unit interior since these may cause short-circuits or corrosion. The unit should be cleaned after every usage.

Unit surfaces

All surfaces can be wiped clean with a soft cloth dampened with a mild detergent, e.g. soapy water. DO NOT use abrasive cleaning agents or polishes on this equipment.

Positioning light covers

The positioning light covers are made of clear plastic. Use a soft cloth dampened with a mild detergent, e.g. soapy water. NEVER use abrasive cleaning agents or polishes to clean the covers.

Surfaces that the patient touches

All surfaces and parts that the patient touches or comes into contact with must be disinfected after each patient. Use a disinfectant that is formulated specifically for disinfecting dental equipment and use the disinfectant in accordance with the instructions supplied with the disinfectant. All items and surfaces should be dried before next usage.

NOTE! Wear gloves and other protective equipment during decontamination process.

WARNING! Do not use any disinfecting sprays since the vapor could ignite causing injury. Disinfecting techniques for both the unit and the room must comply with all laws and regulations that have jurisdiction of law within the jurisdiction on which the unit is.


Further instructions

Examples of cleaning agents that are allowed or prohibited when cleaning the unit

Allowed: Methanol (metyl alcohol), Soap, Isopropyl alcohol, distilled water.
Not allowed: Bentzene, Chlorine bentzene, Acetone, Acetic ether, agents containing phenol, paracetic acid, peroxide and other oxygen-cleaving agents, sodium hypochlorite and iodine-cleaving agents.


Some removable parts in touch with the patient are sterilizable in autoclave. Such parts are: bite forks and bite block. If autoclaving is performed for these items, disinfection by immersing in disinfectant solution for 10 minutes is not needed.

Steam sterilization

Recommended parameters for sterilizable parts are:

  1. Gravity-displacement steam sterilization

“Flash” sterilization: Temperature: 270 F (132°C)

Exposure time: 3 minutes

2.  Prevacuum steam sterilization

“Flash” sterilization: Temperature: 270 F (132°C)

Exposure time: 3 minutes

3. Steam-flush pressure-pulse steam sterilization

Temperature: 270 F to 275 F (132°C to 135°C)

Exposure time: 3 to 4 minutes


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