Why MASTERmatic shanks and INTRAmatic heads?

MASTERmaticHow to get 14 handpieces in one

With the MASTERmatic M20 L (1:1 transmission), the M07 L (2,7:1) and the M29 L (7,4:1) you will get three shanks that are capable of everything – just combine them with any of the 14 exchangeable INTRAheads and you can cover any treatment situation.


Simple maths: one shank + several heads = less handpieces to buy and maintain

The MASTERmatic shanks & heads will not only amaze you with unique quality. They will also save you money! If you use standard handpieces you’d have to buy a new handpiece for every indication you treat. With the MASTERmatic shanks & INTRAmatic heads you just add another head. It’s simple maths.


INTRA heads: Special stainless steel – 200% harder than titanium

All 14 INTRA heads are made of stainless, dent-resistant steel, providing you unique durability while not compromising on hygiene: Thermal disinfection and sterilization are not a problem.


Buy 3, get 42

You can combine each of the three MASTERmatic shanks with each of the 14 INTRA heads. This equals 42 possibilities with only 3 shanks to invest in.


Half a turn and you are done

Exchanging INTRAmatic heads is as easy as it gets. Half a turn and you are done – try it!



All-in-one: Standard preparation, Endodontics & Surgery – the M20 L

One shank with three application areas. The MASTERmatic M20 L is your perfect tool for preparations, endodontic and surgical treatments. It really is an all-in-one.MASTERmatic M20L

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Your team’s favorite – the M07 L

You will love the MASTERmatic M07 L during your most difficult preparations in combination with the L66 or the L67, the L52 Mini or the L67. Your team will be amazed by it, as it will also allow them to use it for prophylaxis treatments with all usual brushes, files and cups.MASTERmatic M07L

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Speciality: Endodontics – the M29 L

The MASTERmatic M29 L shank is made for endodontic treatments. In combination with the L53, L3, L3 Y or the L62 INTRA head you can use any kind of root channel burr you prefer with just one handpiece.MASTERmatic M29L




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