The mounting adapter for the KaVo FOCUS

Intraoral x-ray always within reach

KaVo offers a mounting adapter for the light mounting post of the KaVo treatment units.The adapter enables easy mounting and an ideal positioning of the KaVo FOCUS. Thereby, KaVo provides a state of the art integrated x-ray and treatment unit workflow. Thanks to the option to adapt the KaVo FOCUS directly on the light mounting post of the treatment unit the KaVo FOCUS is always in the right place – close to the patient.

Product Highlights

Simple: No extra installation effort in the treatment roommounting adapter

  • Mounting directly on the light mounting post
  • Note: no additional reinforcing of the treatment unit needed

Ergonomic: Easy access and handling

Time-efficient: X-ray images directly on the treatment unit

  • No interruption of the workflow, saves time
  • More pleasant for the patients, no need to exit the chair for x-rays

Versatile: Allows to use the KaVo FOCUS with the short arm or the medium arm even in small practice rooms

Universal: Allows mounting of other third party devices on the light mounting post that fulfil the acceptance criteria (torque, CE mark etc. – refer to instruction manual for details)



The mounting adapter is available for the following treatment units of the current product portfolio: 1058 Life, E50 Life, E70 Vision, E80 Vision. Moreover, it is compatible with all CENTRO adapters. This means that all CENTRO adapters can now also be mounted to the new adapter at the light mounting post.


For more information about the new mounting adapter please contact your dealer.