Why you need at least one mini head in your dental office

Learn more about mini heads – learn more about ergonomic instruments

In addition to standard heads KaVo offers mini heads for contra-angles, speed-increasing instruments and turbines.

Mini heads enable best visibility by good access, especially to the molar region. This should be the most important aspect for each dentist, because this allows you the best dental treatment. Mini heads increase the flexibility and finally the safety, especially for treatment for children or patients with issues to open the mouth.

Here are some facts about Mini-heads. See for yourself!

Mini heads allow to work with short bur length and reduces the overall head high significant. The main advantages are:

  • Better sight to the preparation area
  • Better access, especially to molars

There is one restrictions of mini heads which we don´t like to keep back. Mini heads of speed-increasing instruments have only 1 spray nozzle.

In many countries, every third treatment carried out with mini heads. Do you have at least one Mini head in your dental office?

See the advantage of the Mini head in sight and accessibility

A further advantage: KaVo´s 100°/19° Head/Knee angle combination

With the 100 ° head angle and 19 ° knee angle we enable the dentist a great freedom of movement. You can convince yourself of this difference in the following picture. Try it and you will love the freedom of movement.

100°/19° MASTERmatic compared to the red marked 90° head fits perfect to the curve of Spee. Therefore you have a big distance between the instrument and the front teeth.