The perfect prophylaxis-combination

KaVo SMARTmaticKaVo SMARTmatic and Kerr Cups

KaVo and Kerr are both proven brands that have, after more than 100 years each, established a reputation for quality and reliability that customers have come to expect and trust. The reorganization of KaVo Kerr into a single entity, working together for smart innovation and greater efficiency, will create numerous innovations for dentists to work even better. The combination of the KaVo SMARTmatic Series with cups and polishers from Kerr is only the beginning…


KaVo SMARTmatic Series with Kerr Cups and Polishers

The KaVo SMARTmatic Series is designed for anyone wishing to combine high standards in reliability, a broad spectrum of treatment options and amazing performance in one cost-effective package. As a new attractive entry into the world of KaVo, the SMARTmatic Series contra-angles and handpieces feature proven quality Made in Germany, an amazing performance, a lightweight, perfectly balanced slimline design and long-lasting smooth operation. In combination with its small head the KaVo SMARTmatic Series is perfect for direct and indirect restorative procedures, endodontic as well as prophylaxis treatments. Even for dentists with crown and bridge as a cornerstone of their production, the KaVo SMARTmatic Series is a very interesting option.

KaVo SMARTmaticCombining KaVo and Kerr to provide dental excellence as a single premier partner for the dental community, KaVo customers and SMARTmatic Series users now have access to high quality contra-angles and handpieces as well as to leading cups and polishers from a single source.


When it comes to preventive prophylaxis, Kerr offers among other products Pro-Cup® and Pro-Cup Junior, compatible with the S53 and S31. The Pro-Cup range permits the economical, splash-free application of prophy paste Cleanic. Thanks to its unique lamellar inner and outer profile, Pro-Cup impels the prophy paste and saliva towards the edge of the cup on a helical principle. In this way, the formation of a splash-ball is voided and the prophy paste is continually carried in the direction of the teeth, reducing heat through friction. It is available in soft (light blue) and hard (dark blue) versions.

In considering restorative procedures — direct and indirect — there is a range of products that help the dentist create restorations without compromising on efficiency or ease of use. The S20 or S20 S model from the SMARTmatic Series enable finishing using OptiDisc® (finishing and polishing for direct and indirect), Occlubrush® (for indirect) or high gloss polishing using Opti1Step Polisher (for composite restorations). Kerr also offers a full range of burs for all rotary needs.


Advantages and Highlights of the brandnew SMARTmatic series:


The new KaVo SMARTmatic prophylaxis seriesKaVo SMARTmatic

  • Made in Germany for the highest quality
  • Small head for a better view
  • Oscillating movement for effective polishing
  • High-quality materials for long durability
  • Smart entry into the KaVo prophylaxis-world

* only applies for PROPHY S33 and S53

Kerr cleaning and polishing accessories for prophylaxis

  • Wide range for the perfect prophylaxis application
  • Innovative design for continuous carriage of the paste in the direction of the teeth
  • Easy handling for a smooth prophylaxis workflow
  • Perfectly suited for the new KaVo SMARtmatic instruments

Here you can read more about finishing and polishing with the SMARTmatic handpieces.