Product presentations at the KaVo IDS booth

KaVo booth at the IDS 2017Product managers from KaVo present their products

You want to know the advantages and highlights of new products and software from KaVo? Watch the newest videos from the IDS now!

KaVo product manager Florian Kolich explains advantages and highlights of the brand new SMARTmatic series:


KaVo product manager Tobias Bauer summarizes advantages and highlights of the new DTX Studio:


KaVo product manager Andreas Thanner introduces and demonstrates the new ELECTROmatic turbine conversion system:


KaVo product manager Christian Wiech briefly introduces the new DIAGNOcam software:


KaVo product manager Stefan Herrmann explains the software CONEXIO for patient communication:


KaVo product manager Joerg Eberle shows the various hygiene functions of the KaVo dental chair ESTETICA E70/E80 and the easy and quick exchange of Oxygenal and DEKASEPTOL:


KaVo product manager Christine Engelhardt presents the easy and intuitive touchscreen of this premium KaVo dental chair: