The prolonged working life of handpieces?

KaVo handpiecesCare, Maintenance and Sterilisation of your KaVo handpieces

Handpieces must be sterilised by autoclaving after each patient.
These guidelines must be carried out in accordance with BDA recommendations and manufacturer’s guidelines.

The stages are essential for the prolonged working life of the handpieces. If using any pre-sterilisation cleaning machines, please clarify guidelines with your KaVo Specialist.

Step 1: Remove bur from handpiece.

Step 2: Clean the outside of the handpiece under running water. Do not clean the handpiece in disinfectant or immerse your handpieces in any chemical solution, including water.

Step 3: Separate head and shank as appropriate.

KaVo handpieces

Step 4: Lubricate the head and handpiece separately with KaVo Spray and theappropriate nozzle. Repeat until clean lubricant appears from the chuck. Always shake the can prior to use and keep upright when lubricating.

Step 5: Use tissue to clean handpiece of any excess lubricant.

Step 6: Sterilise in autoclave, if a bag is used you must follow BDA guidelines. Remember to change distilled water in the autoclave on a regular basis. (Note: Recommended temperatures must not be exceeded).

Step 7: Upon completion of cycle, remove handpiece from chamber as soon as possible and store with head upright, until cool and internally dry. Do not leave handpieces in autoclave.

Step 8: Once dry and cool, handpieces can be stored in a bag, cupboard, drawer or upright on a handpiece stand.

Step 9: Run handpiece briefly before use to clear excess lubricant. Do not lubricate prior to use.

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