How to Promote Your Dental Practice with Communications

How to Promote Your Dental Practice with CommunicationsA Guide for the right communication

While the available options and methods to market a dental practice have expanded dramatically over the last decade, there is still a benefit to using traditional communications as a strategy in your marketing plan. In fact, many dentists report great success using these venues as part of their dental marketing plan.

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Though radio and television ads are traditionally very expensive and may be prohibitive for some practices, there are many different options – and price points – that can make this a viable option for all dental practices. If done well, marketing your practice through communications venues, namely radio and television, give you and your practice both brand recognition and instant credibility.


Radio no longer is restricted to the traditional radio receivers in cars or homes. While this is certainly a viable and profitable advertising venue, the next generation of internet radio and podcasting is also an excellent option for marketing a dental practice. Here are a few things to think about when considering whether to market your dental practice on the radio:

  1. Advertise on different channels. Running your ad on multiple channels increases the likelihood that many different populations of people will hear it. Understanding your ideal client and the type of music that they might listen to can help you both reach, and broaden your audience.
  1. Consider talk radio. Radio programming isn’t just music; there are a multitude of talk radio channels on both FM and AM radio. Advertising on these channels will help you reach a different audience as well.
  1. Use multiple scripts. Create multiple scripts that highlight different benefits of using your office, and consider who each of those benefits appeal to. Run each of your ads on different channels based on that demographic analysis.
  1. Online options. Consider looking into local internet radio channels or podcasts. You’ll reach a different audience, one that might not hear your ads on traditional radio stations. Focus on local channels that will reach people local to your practice, instead of the large, national stations, which are probably expensive. In addition, the ad won’t be restricted to your geographic area.


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Again, television advertising tends to be expensive and may not be a viable option for many dental practices. However, there are many options that don’t have to break the bank and will reach your potential patient population.

  • YouTube. Youtube is a free online communications channel. Videos are free to upload and share. When creating a video for YouTube, it should provide interesting or necessary information, or be entertaining so that your followers share it. You can even share those videos on your website and social media sites as well.
  • Commercials. Traditional television commercials may still be a profitable strategy; consider advertising on local channels instead of national ones to ensure that your audience is composed of potential patients.
  • Your waiting room. Many practices keep a television in their waiting room. Instead of putting on the news or other programming, consider an internal office marketing subscription. Services like MySmile TV provide a video library that you can play in your waiting room. These videos can provide helpful information and patient education on topics specific to your practice.


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