Prophylaxis for patients: Professional tooth cleaning

Prophylaxis: Professional tooth cleaningstep by step to the Professional tooth cleaning

Prophylaxis includes professional tooth cleaning which is not to be equated with the removal of dental plaque during the biannual preventive check-up, where only superficial plaque is removed. However, this is insufficient for the long-term prevention of gingivitis and caries.
A separate appointment must be made for a professional tooth cleaning, as a careful tooth cleaning takes time. Time that pays off – for a lifetime.


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First the teeth and gingiva are thoroughly examined.

schritt22. Step

Then dental plaque and calculus are gently removed with the KaVo SONICflex quick 2008 L.

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A gentle tooth-cleaning then follows with the KaVo PROPHYflex powder blaster to prevent caries and periodontitis.

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The teeth are then gently polished and the enamel is sealed for a perfect result.

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Then the x-ray-free KaVo DIAGNOcam is used, for the detection of early caries – reliable, pain-free and gentle.


Now it's your turn:
In addition to thorough teeth brushing, you should also clean the areas between your teeth daily with dental floss or with small interdental brushes. In addition, the use of a tongue cleaner and mouthwash is recommended for an optimal prophylaxis.


Prophylaxe: Professional tooth cleaningProphylaxis pays off

In the image (right), you can clearly see that the teeth are free from plaque and calculus following the professional tooth cleaning.

A professional tooth cleaning normally lasts approx. 1 hour. The patient must pay the costs per treatment session because the professional tooth cleaning is not covered by the health insurance companies.
The extent of the personal contribution depends mainly on the scope of performance. As a rule, the prices ranges from 60 to 150 Euro. An investment that pays off.

Prior to the treatment, ask your dentist how much it will cost and ask your health insurance company whether it will contribute towards a professional tooth cleaning.


Professional tooth cleaningProphylaxis with a fresh flavour

Cleaning pearls, which are used in step 3, (KaVo PROPHYflex) roll with an infinite number of contact points over the tooth and thereby develop their full cleaning potential. KaVo cleaning pearls come in the following fresh flavours: black currant, mint, orange, peach and neutral and clean the teeth so gently.



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