Reprocessing of KaVo instruments – Part 1

Preparatory steps for the reprocessing procedure

We are happy to present you our new reprocessing poster for your KaVo dental instruments. This poster shows the three steps of the reprocessing procedure:

– Preparatory steps
– Mechanical or manual reprocessing procedure
– Putting the products back into clinical use

In this blog post we will explain the preparatory steps.


At first we give you some general notes that you should know before starting the reprocessing procedure.


The current regulations on validating the devices and processes locally must be complied with and be instigated and validated by the owner. Please also comply with the detailed information in the instructions for use of the medical devices.




Only KaVo medical devices marked with the thermal disinfection (1) or sterilisation symbol (2) may be processed in the washer disinfector or sterilised in the steam steriliser.




Do not place KaVo instruments and turbines in disinfectant solutions or clean them in ultrasonic devices.



Before starting the mechanical or manual reprocessing procedure of your dental instruments, please follow the preparatory steps: 


Preparatory step 1To minimise the risk of infection, always wear protective gloves.




Preparatory step 2Remove the bur from the chucking system.




Preparatory step 3Remove the instrument from the motor coupling or the turbine from the quick coupling.




Preparatory step 4Instruments with interchangeable heads: remove the heads from the base for separate reprocessing.




Preparatory step 5Wipe the outside of instruments immediately after the end of the treatment with an approced disinfectant.



In the next blog post we will show you the work steps for the mechanical reprocessing procedure.