Reprocessing of KaVo Instruments Part 1

Reprocessing KaVo instrumentsKaVo Guide for the Reprocessing of KaVo Instruments

Reprocessing dental instruments is a crucial process for every dental office. Not only is it important for the health and safety of your patients, but if done incorrectly or not at all, it can cause severe consequences for your dental practice. Depending on national regulations, a practice may even be subject to an inspection on their infection control practices.

Before starting the process of reprocessing dental instruments, it is important to prepare both yourself and the instruments requiring reprocessing. Make sure to check the instruction manuals (IFU) for more specific information about how to reprocess dental instruments.

2017-01-10_07h51_33Put on gloves to minimize the risk of infection.




2017-01-10_07h52_43Remove the bur from the chucking system.




2017-01-10_07h54_29Remove the instrument from the motor coupling or the turbine from the quick coupling.



2017-01-10_08h00_28Wipe the outside of instruments immediately after the end of the treatment with an approved disinfectant.



2017-01-10_07h57_20For instruments with interchangeable heads: remove the heads from the base for separate reprocessing.



Reprocessing can be performed by hand OR  with a mechanical reprocessing device.


Steps for Mechanical Reprocessing of Dental Instruments

When using a mechanical reprocessing device, KaVo recommends washer disinfectors from Miele in accordance with EN ISO 15883-1 that are operated with alkaline cleaning agents. The validations were conducted with the VARIO-TD program, the cleaning agent neodisher MediClean and the neutralization agent neodisher Z.

External and internal cleaning and disinfection1. External and internal cleaning and disinfection

Brush off any residual cement, composite and blood under running tap water. In order to ensure residual liquids do not damage the KaVo medical device, the interior and exterior must be dried by removing any residual liquids from the interior and exterior of the medical device using compressed air. Oil the handpiece immediately after drying.

Care2. Care

KaVo recommends the KaVo QUATTROcare PLUS as the care device for perfect and efficient care of your dental instruments. It is important to reprocess the medical product after every application. That is after every cleaning, disinfection and prior to every sterilization. Reprocess the head and base separately for instruments with changeable heads. Ensure that reprocessed medical devices are stored in a dry, dark and cool room, protected from germs, as far as possible, and dust.

Packaging3. Packaging

Seal the medical device separately in a sterile pack. The sterilization bag must be large enough for the instrument so that the packaging is not stretched.



Sterilization4. Sterilization

KaVo products bearing the sterilization symbol can be sterilized in steam sterilizers (autoclaves) according to EN 13060/ISO 17665-1 and have a maximum temperature stability of up to 138° C. It is important to realize that KaVo MULTIflex couplings cannot be sterilized.

  1. Sterilization parameters:
    a. Sterilizer with triple pre-vacuum: at least 3 minutes at 134° C.
    b. Remove the contra-angle handpieces and turbines immediately after the completion of the sterilization cycle from the sterilizer.


The steps for manual reprocessing of dental instruments will follow soon.