Reprocessing of KaVo instruments – Part 2

Mechanical reprocessing procedure - KaVo QUATTROcare PlusMechanical reprocessing procedure

The first part of our reprocessing of KaVo instruments series was about general notes and preparatory steps for the reprocessing procedure. In this blog post we want to tell you the steps of the mechanical reprocessing procedure.





Pre-Cleaning 1. Pre-Cleaning

Brush off any residual cement, composite and blood under running tap water.

Accessories required:

  • Tap water 30° C ± 5°C
  • medium-hard toothbrush


External and internal cleaning / disinfection2. External and internal cleaning / disinfection

KaVo recommends washer disinfectors in accordance with EN ISO 15883-1 that are operated with alkaline cleaning agents with a pH value of max. 10. The validations were conducted with washer disinfectors from Miele with the VARIO-TD program, the cleaning agent neodisher® MediClean and the neutralisation agent neodisher® Z.

  • In order to ensure residual liquids do not damage the KaVo medical device, the interior and the exterior must be dried
  • Remove any residual liquids from the interior and exterior of the medical device using KaVo DRYspray
  • Oil the instrument immediately after drying


Lubrication3. Lubrication with KaVo QUATTROcare PLUS

  • Optimum care, thanks to automatic, outlet-specific, metered dosing
  • Integrated chuck-care program
  • Compressed-air blasting of transmission system and spray channels, using purging function
  • Basic device, complete with four treatment couplings
    (1 x MULTIflex / 3 x INTRAmatic)
  • Reprocess the medical product after every application, i.e. after every cleaning, disinfection and prior to every sterilisation
  • Reprocess the head and base separately for instruments with changeable heads


Mechanical chuck servicing Mechanical chuck servicing

KaVo recommends to care the chuck system once a week.

  • Close the front door and press the chuck service button for at least three seconds until the spray canister control LED flashes three times consecutively. The device is in chuck service mode
  • Take the chuck service coupling out and attach it to coupling service point 4 (on the far right)
  • A MULTIflex adaptor must be mounted on the coupling
  • Press the instrument, with the chuck to be serviced leading, against the tip of the chuck service coupling
  • Press the chuck service button


Packaging4. Packaging

If necessary: remove oil remains from instruments before packaging.

  • The sterilisation bag must be large enough for the instrument so that the packaging is not stretched
  • Seal the instrument separately in a sterile pack
  • The quality and use of the sterilisation packaging must satisfy applicable standards and be suitable for the sterilisation procedure


Sterilisation 5. Sterilisation

KaVo products bearing the sterilisation symbol can be sterilised in steam sterilisers (autoclaves) according to EN 13060/ISO 17665-1 and have a maximum temperature stability of up to 138°C.

  • Sterilisations-Parameter: see KaVo instructions for use
  • Remove contra-angle handpieces and turbines immediately after the completion of the sterilisation cycle from the steriliser
  • Reprocessed instruments must be stored in a dry, dark, cool room, protected from germs, as far as possible, and dust.


Documentation 6. Documentation

The process is released in written form on the following basis:

  • The correctness of the process sequence must be tested





  • The packaging must be subjected to a visual inspection
  • It must be ensured that the sterile goods are correctly marked
  • Process indicators must exhibit a complete color change
  • The correct batch documentation is a prerequisite for the release
  • The release of the sterile goods must be documented


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