Reprocessing of KaVo Instruments Part 2

Reprocessing of KaVo instrumentsKaVo Guide for the Reprocessing of KaVo Instruments

Reprocessing dental instruments is a crucial process for every dental office. Not only is it important for the health and safety of your patients, but if done incorrectly or not at all, it can cause severe consequences for a your dental practice. Depending on national regulations, a practice may even be subject to an inspection on their infection control practices.
This is the second part of our guide for the reprocessing of KaVo instruments.

Steps for Manual Reprocessing of Dental Instruments

The process required for manual reprocessing of dental instruments is similar, yet requires a few additional steps.

External cleaning1. External cleaning

Brush the medical device under running tap water at 30° C ± 5° C using a medium-hard toothbrush.




2. Internal cleaning

The interior of your dental instruments must be cleaned after cleaning the outside of your instruments. KaVo Cleanpac bags offer optimum infection protection for personnel.

For optimum cleaning, please clean your dental instruments using the following KaVo products:

KaVo CLEANspray

  • KaVo CLEANspray, which is a validated manual interior cleaning spray to remove residual proteins.

1. Cover the medical device with the KaVo Cleanpac bag.
2. Position the medical device on the corresponding servicing adapter.
3. Hold the can vertically.
4. Press the spray button 3 times for 2 seconds each time and allow to sit for one minute.


KaVo DRYspray

  • KaVo DRYspray, which is used to dry the air, water and gear duct units.

1. Cover the medical device with the KaVo Cleanpac bag.
2. Position the medical device on the corresponding adapter.
3. Hold the can vertically.
4. Press the spray once for 3-5 sec.


External disinfection

3. External disinfection

Spray the disinfectant onto a cloth and wipe down the medical device. Follow the instructions of the disinfectant manufacturer. Based on the compatibility of your dental instruments, KaVo recommends either the Mikrozid AF from Schülke and Mayr (available as a liquid or wipes) or the FD 322 from Dürr.


Internal disinfection4. Internal disinfection

Cover the medical device with the KaVo Cleanpac bag and position the medical device on the corresponding servicing adapter. Follow the instructions of the disinfection manufacturer. Make sure to oil the handpiece immediately after the internal disinfection. Depending on your device and its disinfectant compatibility, KaVo recommends the WL-cid from ALPRO.


Care5. Care

Make sure to lubricate the medical device after every application. Cover the medical device with the Cleanpac bag and plug it onto the connection set. Using the KaVo Spray, press the spray button for 1-2 seconds. Reprocessed medical devices must be stored in a dark, dry and cool room, protected from germs (as far as possible) and dust.

For optimum Care

For optimum care, the head must be lubricated separately.
Remove the heads from the reducing shank and treat for 1 second with a corresponding attachment.



Documentation6. Documentation

Whether you are using the mechanical or manual process to reprocess your dental instruments, documentation is a crucial step. If you find yourself subject to a surprise (or scheduled) inspection, it is important to be able to show your reprocessing procedures and that they were followed. The following things should be documented in a written form:

  • The correctness of the process sequence
  • A visual inspection of the packaging
  • Proper indication of sterile products
  • That process indicators displayed a complete color change
  • The release of the sterile instruments


The reprocessing procedure is an essential step to guarantee the best durability for your dental instruments. To simplify this process and to work even more efficiently in your dental practice, you can rely on the excellent KaVo reprocessing products.
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