Testing the KaVo SMARTmatic PROPHY series

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The teams at Dr. Rusteberg and Dr. Romer’s practices from Germany were among the first to try the KaVo SMARTmatic prophylaxis series. Read about their experiences with the new KaVo SMARTmatic prophylaxis series (SMARTmatic PROPHY S19, SMARTmatic PROPHY S31, SMARTmatic PROPHY S33 and SMARTmatic S53) in the testimonials below.

Practice Team Dr. Rusteberg from Germany

In the following interview you can learn all about the new KaVo SMARTmatic prophylaxis range through the experiences of two qualified dental employees, Melanie Klein and Bianca Gebel and Dr. Annekathrin Schilling.

KaVo SMARTmatic PROPHY S19 with Kerr PerfectPearl Brush
KaVo SMARTmatic PROPHY S19 with Kerr PerfectPearl Brush
KaVo: KaVo has created a prophylaxis handpiece for use with single-use, disposable prophylaxis heads. Ms Gebel, what do you think of the KaVo SMARTmatic PROPHY S19?

Bianca Gebel: The SMARTmatic PROPHY S19 handpiece sits very well in your hand and allows you to work on the patient without becoming tired due to its low weight. The single-use heads are easy to attach and stay very firmly on the handpiece throughout use. As the polishing paste sticks to the cup and does not spray everywhere, the instrument enables effective polishing. From a hygienic point of view, the use of single-use heads which are removed and disposed of after polishing, has many advantages, especially for high-risk patients with contagious diseases such as HIV or hepatitis.

KaVo: You have been working for some time with both of the prophylaxis contra-angles, the KaVo SMARTmatic PROPHY S31 and the KaVo SMARTmatic S53. What do you think of the visibility of the treatment site when using these products?

Melanie Klein: Both of the SMARTmatic contra-angles PROPHY S31 and S53 have smaller heads than the green contra-angles we have been using for prophylaxis treatments in the past. Thanks to this, we can now reach difficult-to-see areas and clean them easily.

KaVo SMARTmatic S53 with Kerr Pro-Cup (Latch)
KaVo: Ms Gebel, tell us about your experiences with the 70° oscillating contra-angle S53.

Bianca Gebel: The polishing paste spreads easily using the cup. We observed that the polishing paste adheres very well to the polishing cup and the tooth‘s surface with the 70° oscillating movement. We also found that less polishing paste swirled around.

KaVo: Ms Klein, when designing the KaVo SMARTmatic range, particular attention was paid to optimizing the hygienic properties of the instruments. What is your judgment as regard to the cleaning and care of SMARTmatic instruments?

Melanie Klein: Cleaning and care of the new KaVo SMARTmatic instruments is very easy, as the surfaces of the instruments do not have grooves or edges that would be vulnerable to the accumulation of dirt. As the SMARTmatic instruments are made of stainless steel, a long service life can be expected. We use KaVo QUATTROcare™ Plus for the regular care of the instruments in our practice.

KaVo: Ms Klein, what is your overall assessment of the KaVo SMARTmatic prophylaxis range?

Melanie Klein: I am very happy with the design of the instruments. In particular, the small heads give my colleagues and me optimal visibility of the treatment area. Furthermore, the SMARTmatic instruments are comfortable to handle. The instruments fit well in your hand and the balance is optimal, so that I can work without becoming fatigued.

KaVo: Dr. Schilling, as a dentist, what do you think of the new KaVo SMARTmatic prophylaxis contra-angles?

Dr. Annekathrin Schilling: I am obviously very happy with a polishing contra-angle range that is 100% developed and produced in Germany at a good price. The quality and the price-performance ratio of the instruments are particularly important to me. From this point of view, the new KaVo SMARTmatic prophylaxis range is exceptional.

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Practice Team Dr. Heudorfer, Dr. Romer, Dr. Bilger from Germany

The practice team, Dr. Heudorfer, Dr. Romer and Dr. Bilger was also one of the first ever to carry out an in-depth test of the new KaVo SMARTmatic™ prophylaxis series.

“SMARTmatic PROPHY S31, PROPHY S33 and S53 essentially only differ in terms of the polishing cups/brushes they accept. The SMARTmatic PROPHY S31 is suitable for polishing cups and brushes with Screw-In or Snap-On systems. The SMARTmatic PROPHY S33 is intended to be used with Snap-On attachments. Polishing tools with contra-angle shafts measuring 2.35 mm are fitted onto the S53. While the SMARTmatic PROPHY S31 and S19 rotate, the SMARTmatic PROPHY S33 and S53 polishing cups oscillate (oscillation = movement of 70° left/right). We have generally always worked with polishing brushes and cups with contra-angle shafts measuring 2.35 mm in prophylaxis, so the new KaVo SMARTmatic S53 polishing contra-angle piece best suits our practice.

KaVo SMARTmatic PROPHY S19 and Kerr PerfectPearl Midnight
Treatment with KaVo S19 and Kerr PerfectPearl Midnight
The SMARTmatic PROPHY S19 also excelled in our tests. The easy-to-attach disposable prophylaxis heads remain firmly on the handpiece during treatment. The instrument has a very low total weight which is an essential benefit for me in my daily work. And this system also has its advantages in terms of hygiene, as the polishing head is removed after each treatment. Overall, this very good balance of contra-angle handpieces when fitted with motors and tubes left a positive impression. The low weight of the contra-angle handpieces prevents fatigue during treatment. In addition, the KaVo SMARTmatic contra-angle handpieces feel great in the hand and the slim shaft is comfortable to hold.”

"In summary, we can recommend the whole SMARTmati prophylaxis series. The quality, handling and price/performance ratio are excellent."

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