Tips for a long service life of your KaVo instruments – Part 3

The proper care of your instruments

Longevity is not only a question of product quality, but also of regular, thorough proper care. Therefore it is important to know tips and tricks about the maintenance of your KaVo instruments. In this article you will find tips about using the KaVo QUATTROcare PLUS and the KaVo Spray. Moreover you will get information about how to care the O-rings and how to storage your KaVo handpieces correctly.


Care of the O-rings

During the care of the O-rings on your KaVo instruments there are a number of things you need to consider:

  • Attach and remove the handpiece/cannula in a straight line and with a slight twisting motion onto/from the motor/turbine coupling.
  • Use recommended oils exclusively since the O-rings may otherwise decompose or swell up with other chemicals.
  • Do not use Vaseline.
  • Lubricate the O-rings exclusively with a cotton swab moistened with KaVo Spray.
  • Only the pneumatic motors may be subjected to lubrication. All other motors have inherent permanent lubrication.

Consequences of defective O-rings

If the O-ring on the motor coupling is defect, the water does not get where it is needed. This leads to damage to ball bearings, inside of the motor, spray air and cooling air. If the O-ring on the turbine coupling is defect, the water gets into the ball bearings of the turbine rotor and, via the return air duct, into the treatment center.

A defective O-ring on the cannula of the 3-function or multifunctional handpiece means that moist spray air is produced. If the O-ring is porous, particles from the O-ring will clog the media channels and reduce the flow rate.


The correct storage of your dental instruments

We recommend to use our handpiece stand (ordering number: 0.411.9902) after the care of your handpiece. This stand allows the residual oil to leak out. Storing your dental instruments horizontally means that residual oil remains in your instrument. As a result, the handpiece may get too hot when operating again, which may lead to further damage to the ball bearings. Moreover, never plug the serviced instrument onto the motor/turbine coupling and never store it in the instrument holder. The oil leaks into the hose and may lead to a defect on the coupling.


Automated care using the KaVo QUATTROcare PLUS

Cuck care using the QUATTROcare PLUS
Cuck care using the QUATTROcare PLUS[/caption]In general, automated care of rotating dental handpieces using the KaVo QUATTROcare PLUS is preferred over manual care. The handpieces are lubricated and serviced professionally and correctly with the proper amount of QUATTROcare Spray (ordering number: 1.005.4525). After lubrication, excessive oil is purged from the handpiece with compressed air. The purchase of a QUATTROcare PLUS from KaVo minimizes servicing errors, which reduces follow-up costs related to repairs.


Instructions for using the QUATTROcare PLUS

  • All O-rings of the service couplings on the QUATTROcare PLUS must be in perfect working order. Otherwise, the handpiece will not be lubricated properly.
  • If strong soiling has occurred, repeat the cleaning/lubricating process and run the handpiece in between. The oil foam expands by more than 300 times its volume. This collects and rinses out soil particles and residues.


Manual care with KaVo Spray

With the KaVo Spray you can services the inside of your handpieces.KaVo Spray

For this purpose, spray into the handpiece till oil foam exiting from the chuck and lid. For proper care, keep the can upright. If the oil does not exit as a clear liquid after servicing, cleaning and/or lubricating need to be repeated.

If the can is nearly empty, you need to check by eye if the handpiece has been lubricated sufficiently, since often only propellant gas exits from the spray head in this condition.

Service procedure

  • Remove the rotating instrument (dental bur/cutter) from the handpiece
  • Lubricate the chuck at least 1x per week
  • If possible, service handpieces and heads separately (see instructions for use of your handpiece)
  • Lubricate the handpieces and heads after each disinfection and before each sterilization
  • During the servicing, hold the handpiece between the bag and cellulose of the KaVo Cleanpac (ordering number: 0.411.9691). This allows leaking oil and/or soiling on the head/handpiece to be detected

Caution: KaVo electrical motors must not be lubricated, since they feature inherent permanent lubrication. Exceptions to this rule are air-driven motors.


Care instructions for the QUATTROcare PLUS and KaVo Spray

  • Internal cleaning with a KaVo CLEANspray is no substitute for lubrication with oil.
    KaVo Spray
    Cuck care with spray tip
  • Please use original KaVo sprays exclusively. The oil from KaVo is specifically matched to the materials used by KaVo.
  • Use matching spray heads for the products and applications exclusively. There are different spray heads available for turbines and contra-angle handpieces. These seal the rear of the handpieces during the spray process.
  • During service with the QUATTROcare PLUS, make sure not to damage the O-rings on the QUATTROcare. Otherwise, oil leaks out and doesn’t get into the handpiece.

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