Tips for a long service life of your KaVo instruments – Part 4


In the last part of our series we will give you information how you can properly remove possible malfunctions. Besides tips and tricks for removal of clogging you will find instructions to replace the water filters, the O-rings and the LED lamp.

Removal of clogging

The spray channels may become clogged due to the water being hard. If an insufficient amount of spray water exits at the spray openings, please check if the spray channels are soiled and clean them according to need. If the amount of water is too low, the tooth and the pulp may be damaged by overheating.

For remedy clean the spray nozzles using the dedicated nozzle needles (material number 0.410.0921) provided by the manufacturer. Do not use a root canal needle to puncture the spray nozzles, otherwise, the spray channels may be damaged. Please never place the handpiece in a descaling agent or spray it with a descaling agent, as this may lead to corrosion. In case of recurring clogging we recommend a cleaning of the spray nozzles by a certified repair workshop.

The cannula of the 3-function or multifunctional handpiece may also become clogged through materials from the dental practice, for example impression materials or caustic chemicals. For the removal of the soiling use only the short nozzle needles (material number 0.410.0921). Long nozzle needles may damage the inside hoses. The spray air can then no longer be guaranteed to be dry.


Replacing the water filter

If the water quality is poor, the water filter (if any) can become dirty. As a consequence, the spray quality and the amount of water decrease.

Instruction for replacing the water filter

Unscrew the sleeve (1) in the counterclockwise direction from the insert (2) and pull it off.

Unscrew the water filter (3) with the wrench (material number 1.002.0321) and take it out.  

Insert the new filter (material number 1.002.0271) and screw it in with the wrench.

Place the sleeve (1) on the insert (2) and screw it tight in clockwise direction.


Replacing the O-Rings

If the motor coupling, turbine coupling or the cannula of the 3-function and/or multifunctional handpiece is leaking, the O-rings need to be replaced. O-rings can become porous or swell up. Moreover, O-rings might be pulled off inadvertently during wipe disinfection.

Instruction for replacing the O-rings

  1. Compress the O-rings between the fingers such that the O-ring lifts off slightly
  2. Pull off the O-rings toward the front
  3. Insert the new O-rings into the grooves

Do not use any sharp or hard tools and always replace all O-rings.


Replacing the LED lamp

Please note that the blub is hot after running. Do not touch the bulb and let the lamp cool off. Inserting the new LED, make sure that the contacts in the coupling are not damaged. The LED must be inserted with the pins in the correct orientation for the LED to work properly. If the LED fails to light up after installation, reinstall it after turning it 180°.


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