You already dream of your summer holidays 2017?

Summer holidays 2017The top places to visit in 2017

Hardly arrived in the New Year, everything revolves around the summer holidays 2017. Travel agencies lure with early booking discounts and you think about it, whether you want to or not. However, you cannot deal with it early enough if you want to experience something unique relatively inexpensive. We want to show you our Top Destinations 2017, which will be worth it.

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  • Thailand
    Thailand has been one of the most popular destinations for several years now. Through an average temperature of 30 degrees it is an annual escape into tropical areas. The monsoon, which is mostly possible from August to September, provides the only rainy season in this country. With comparatively little money you can experience a lot there. From ancient temples to national parks and fantastic beaches you will find everything in Thailand.
  • Cape Town
    The second largest city in South Africa is located directly by the sea. When the winter falls in Germany, summer time begins in South Africa. In addition to endless days on the beach you can also go hiking or visit national parks. A special experience is the exploration of the slums. Here you should take care of yourself because many of the thieves lurk in this possibility to bring you closer to the slums. A highlight is the Cape of Good Hope, which offers a great view of the wide sea.
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  • Marrakech
    The city, also called “Red City”, is located in the southwest of Morocco. Marrakech is without fail a trip to the Orient. People spend their days on the streets, in markets and stalls. Everywhere it smells of regional dishes such as couscous, lamb or other traditional delicacies. Typical hotels have a riad in Marrakech. A riad is a quiet backyard, mostly equipped with a pool and a stunning garden area.
  • Hamburg
    If you have never been to Hamburg before, or have not had the pleasure of having a private time, this year will be high time. Hamburg is increasingly becoming the most popular city in Germany. In addition to the recently opened Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg offers many other attractions. In 2015, the city was crowned as world cultural heritage by the organisation UNESCO. The New York Times describes Hamburg as “the port of architecture and design”.
  • Lofoten Islands
    The Lofoten Islands are the most beautiful islands in Norway. With a flight time of about two and a half hours away from Oslo, these islands offer excellent fishing, hiking trails, dives and other adventures. There is endless fun for nature lovers. Let yourself be enchanted by the midnight sun. On the Lofoten Islands you can enjoy silence and action at the same time and can look forward to a varied stay.
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  • Seychelles
    The Seychelles are fantastic islands in the Indian Ocean. Each island is a paradise for itself. On numerous breathtaking beaches it is time for pure relaxation. But water sports are also very important. Since nearly half of the islands are under conservation, it is a good idea to go hiking and discover the country. There is also a large variety of species and the Seychelles’ trademark: giant tortoises.
  • Canada
    Canada is a well-known destination all over the world. To explore the vast expanse of the country by camper, by canoe along impressive lakes, or to visit one of the numerous cities are known for the second largest country in the world. Canada really has everything to offer. Especially this year it is particularly worthwhile. The country is celebrating 150 years of independence this year and the government is celebrating this with free entry to all national parks.
  • Santorini
    The white city in Greece convinces with the most sun hours of Greece. With all the white houses and the blue domed roofs, Santorini is a beautiful sight. On beaches with black sand that reflects the volcanic past, you can relax completely. Through great hiking trails you can explore fantastic landscapes, as well as old towns and above all to take time out.
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  • Porto
    Porto is the second largest city in Portugal after Lisbon. Usually the city is neglected in the shadow of Lisbon. But Porto is worth a visit with its beautiful old town, numerous museums and other sights. Culinary you will be spoiled and can spend an all-round holiday. Interesting for Harry Potter fans: author J. K. Rowling wrote the first novel of the fantasy romance series in a café in Porto. She named two of her characters after the staff of a bookstore in the old town.
  • Sri Lanka
    Sri Lanka is an island state in the Indian Ocean. Tropical temperatures and countless mystical temples guarantee an exotic holiday. Jungle, fine sand beaches and fragrant tea plantations complete the offer. A highlight is the climb up of the Adams Peak with a great view. It is advisable to explore the country by train or electric scooters. Since English is the national language, communication is extremely simple.