Top tips when purchasing a treatment unit

Treatment UnitYou consider whether you should buy a new treatment unit or not?

KaVo has developed a list of tests, checks and recommendations
to consider when embarking on the decision making process for a
new treatment unit.

Quality constructionQuality construction

Elements should fit together smoothly without gaps, for easy cleaning. Ensure that high-quality surfaces and materials are used and manufactured.


Take timeTake time with the seat test

Sample the treatment unit in different positions and also remember to sit beside the chair and check that an ergonomic working position can be achieved.


Aim for integrationAim for integration

Ideally kits and additional items (e.g. electric motors, scalers, spittoon valve) will be provided by the same manufacturer as the treatment unit. This ensures all components are tested to the same standard and troubleshooting is a simpler process. Decide if you will need to add items to the unit.


Check the cleaning functionsCheck the cleaning functions

Make cleaning and maintenance as easy as possible by choosing a treatment unit with reliable and easy cleaning and rinsing capabilities.


Compare like with likeCompare like with like

When researching treatment unit options, ensure your are comparing the same specifications. Sometimes cheaper units may require items to be added later in the purchase process meaning additional costs.


Future proofingFuture proofing

Ensure that the treatment unit can be upgraded in the future as new technology emerges.


Weight and heightWeight and height

To cater for a complete patient base, remember to check the operating weight of the treatment unit. For your ease and comfort remember to check the minimum and maximum working heights.


Add style to the surgeryTraining provision and technical support by the manufacturer

To ensure the treatment unit is used as fully as possible and the life of the unit is maximised, ensure training is available from the manufacturer to demonstrate the complete range of features. Be confident that there is a technical support network in place for servicing requirements.


Add style to the surgeryAdd style to the surgery

Review the range of upholstery and paint colours available to help individualise and add character to the surgery.


Ask questionsAsk questions

Find out as much as possible about the unit before purchase. Typical questions include:
• How many foot controls are there?
• Is the unit ambidextrous?
• Does the unit have a spittoon valve included?
• Is there a 3 in 1 syringe included as standard?


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