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Children and young people are not always easy to motivate when it comes to dental hygiene. There are a thousand other things more exciting than cleaning your teeth. But everybody knows how important it is to look out for your teeth right from the start. After all, the most beautiful thing you can wear is a smile!

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New, high-grade technologies play a very important role in the dental industry. For example, for a few years there have been toothbrushes with which you can control the cleaning of teeth using an app. For kids and adolescents that is obviously pretty cool. As they are using smartphones and new technologies on a daily basis, this may not be something special. However, it clearly makes it more fun than the tedium of brushing with an old-fashioned toothbrush. Children are well-known for being easy to excite about new things. That is why this new kind of tooth-brushing provides a good opportunity for boosting their motivation.
Toothbrushes of this kind have a real-time motion sensor in the handle. The tooth-brushing movements are sent via Bluetooth to the smartphone, and an app designed for this purpose analyzes these movements. These movements are then compared with researched ideal brushing movements. The app gives you praise or bonus points if you improve yourself. Kids have fun with it and experience advancement through technology every day. We figure: it's worth a try!

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Adolescents are mostly more difficult to entice using such technologies. Different tactics will have to be employed. Every day they see the perfect, shiny white teeth of celebrities. The beauty of white teeth is impressed upon them by the media. If the stars have got a Hollywood smile, then teenagers have to have one, too! Numerous whitening products have hit the market over the past few years, which can be used at home and are not dangerous. So-called "home bleaching" is gaining presence. However, this is only recommended from 16 years of age upwards, once tooth enamel is fully developed. Here you have a very wide variety of options. Most methods keep for approximately 1–2 years and should not be applied more than twice in one year.

Before use, however, a dentist must be consulted in every case. This is where you come in. Good advice and information in the waiting room is always very helpful. Lots of people may not dare raise the subject. Showing a willingness to listen is very effective. Advise your patients on the various options.