Dental hygiene: Want to keep up with the latest trends?

The latest trends in dental hygieneTips and tricks for your patients

It is not always easy to motivate children and teenagers when it comes to dental hygiene. There are a thousand things more exciting than cleaning your teeth. But as everyone knows, it is very important to look after your teeth right from the start. Because the nicest thing you can wear is a smile!

The latest trends in dental hygiene
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New and advanced technologies are playing a very important role in the dental sector. For example, toothbrushes that use an app to check how you clean your teeth have been available for a number of years now. Unsurprisingly, children and teenagers find this quite exciting, though the fact they use smartphones and new technologies every day means it’s nothing special any more. But it’s still much more fun than the ‘boring’ way of cleaning your teeth with the old familiar manual toothbrush. We all know how easy it is to spark children’s enthusiasm for anything new, which is why this method of teeth cleaning provides a good opportunity to get children motivated.
These kinds of toothbrushes have a real-time motion sensor in the handle. The movements made as teeth are cleaned are sent via Bluetooth to the person’s smartphone, where a specially developed app analyses them. These are then compared with the ideal cleaning movements identified by researchers. The app offers rewards or bonus points as and when improvements are made. Children find this fun and get a chance every day to experience just how far technology has come. We certainly think it is worth a try!

The latest trends in dental hygiene
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In most cases, these kinds of technologies are no longer enough to entice teenagers. They are interested in quite different things. Every day, they are used to seeing their favourite stars with their perfect white teeth. The trend originated in the USA. And it’s no surprise that teenagers want the same thing. There are now dozens of whitening products you can use at home and which are not harmful. So-called ‘home bleaching’ is becoming more and more common, although this is only really advisable for 16-year-olds or older, whose dental enamel will be fully developed. There are a wide range of different options. Most methods last for around 1-2 years and should not be used more than twice a year.

In any event, it is important to speak to a dentist before using such products. This is where you come in. Providing good advice and making information available in the waiting room can be really helpful. A lot of people may not feel confident enough to raise the subject. . Talk to your patients and explain the various options!