Webinar: Adieu record cards

Webinar: Adieu record cardsAdieu record cards – Challenges of a digitized practice

by Tobias Bauer

The webinar “Adieu record cards – Challenges of a digitized practice” shows tips and tricks to make the use of digital media easier and safer at the dental office.

Adieu record cards

The progressive digitization in dental offices is of particular importance because it is not just about data security, but also about the interconnection of many digital sources. This is not always an easy challenge, but stress factors can be significantly reduced by appropriate strategies for data handling.
In the webinar on April 6th, 2016 at 3 p.m., Tobias Bauer, digital media specialist at KaVo, will present you solutions for your dental practice, that do not require you to be a network specialist.


Some of the topics of the Webinar:

  • Peace at last? Lifecycles of IT solutions
  • Storage! Backup strategies and systems
  • Communication! Secure techniques of data exchange
  • Combination! Integration of different systems


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curriculum vitae: Tobias bauer

Tobias Bauer works in the dental industry for more than 20 years. Since 2003 he held various responsible positions at KaVo to develop software and digital solutions.

As the product manager for digital workflow integration he now combines the different development departments to create integrated system solutions.