Webinar: Connect and Relax

WebinarHow you quickly achieve your goals by linked data

by Dr. Panthea Nourian–von Vultée

The webinar “Connect and Relax. Quickly achieve your goals by linked data.” explains how to profit from merged digital media and an aligned operating concept in terms of patient education, hygiene, time saving and ergonomic aspects.

Long gone are the days when dentists made sketches on paper napkins to explain the situation to their patients. Today, however, a plurality of imaging systems such as X-ray, intraoral cameras, diagnostic cameras, microscopes or digital cameras are available to explain findings and treatment options to the patients. Still, a dentist can only profit from these data, if they are merged and if they can be flexibly displayed anywhere. This will not only deliver benefit to an effective patient education, but also to hygienic, time and ergonomic aspects.

During our webinar on October 5, 2016 at 3 pm, Dr. Panthea Nourian–von Vultée advises useful tips, how an ergonomic practice can look like and explains how technical aspects can help to simplify the remuneration of dental services, to deliver confidence to your patients and to gain time during treatment.

Some of the topics of the webinar:

  • Practice connections: Everything – everywhere
  • Ergonomics: See, show and use where it is needed
  • Hygiene: Telecontrol by hand and foot
  • Codetermination: How to involve your patients


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curriculum vitae: Panthea Nourian–von Vultée

  • 2006 Dentistry State Exam, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
  • 2006-2009 Training Assistant for Oral Surgery, Dr. Dr. Burkhard Mootz (specialist for Oral-Maxillofacial
  • Surgery and Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery)
  • 2010-2013 Employed Dentist in Mainz, focus on Periodontology and Oral Surgery
  • 2014 Parental leave
  • 2014 Curriculum Implantology DGZI
  • Membership DGZI
  • Membership AKOPOM
  • Since 2015 Running a private practice in Wiesbaden