Webinar: The daily fight to limit cross-infection in a dental office

Dr. Barenghi Livia talks about the fight to limit cross-infection

The webinar will advise participants on how to optimise the infection prevention workflow to give staff and patients the best protection against cross-contamination and how to save the practice reputation.


The daily fight to limit cross-infection in a dental office is neverending and can sometimes be very tiring. However, the battle against an outbreak is even worse. When it occurs, a dental team’s reputation collapses, mass media can fuel bad publicity, lawyers come into play and insurance cover is uncertain. So, we can expect it to be a shock for our pockets whether it ends in or out of court. Recently available reports on infection outbreaks caused by blood-borne viruses, nontuberculous mycobacteria contamination caught by kids from dental unit water, as well as the so called peri-implantitis “Tsunami”, contribute in making infection prevention a priority in dental settings. At the same time, the choice to switch to cost-saving measures for infection prevention is also becoming a growing issue. This CE accredited webinar, hosted by Livia Barenghi, will firstly review the background on patient and worker safety and then the current recommendations which have been released by the Centers for Disease Control (USA) and adapted for EU dental offices. According to the European Charter of Patients’ Rights, all European citizens have the right to safety, including against cross-infection. EU Directives and Regulations work towards guaranteeing this right.

Upon completion of this webinar, the participants will be able to:
• Identify infection prevention regulations within the EU regulatory framework
• Understand main differences with C.D.C recommendations
• Apply top infection control activities for clinical contact surfaces
• Apply top infection control activities for dental unit water quality
• Have an open conversation around common errors & lapses in the daily infection control measures.


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