Webinar: Gain time by periodontal treatment

Webinartooth preservation vs. implants

by Dr. med. dent. Carsten Stockleben

The treatment of periodontitis today is – and will probably be even more in the future – one of the most important operations of dental professionals. However, the opinions which care is the best, tooth preservation or implants, differ widely. Especially when patients wish to preserve their teeth as long as possible – in addition to the medical indication.

Dr. Carsten Stockleben considers in his Webinar on March 2nd, 2016, at 15:00 am (CET) the advantages and disadvantages of tooth preservation and implantation from the medical sight. He furthermore builds a bridge to economical questions and the importance of an appropriate prevention.

The content of the webinar in extracts:

  • Health begins in ones mind – in doctors’ and patients’ mind
  • Periodontal diagnostics – 2D vs. 3D X-ray
  • Tooth preservation vs. implants. What to consider
  • Prophylaxis and a periodontal treatment concept: How to win your team
  • How to invoice your work


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