Webinar: Update Caries Management

Webinaryou want to learn something about Caries Management?

by Prof. Jan Kühnisch

The webinar “Update Caries Management” provides an update on the current status of modern cariology – starting from infection to diagnostics and ends with suggestions on an indication- oriented therapy and its consequences for the daily practice.

Due to the decline of dental caries in recent years the management of non-cavitated carious lesions gets more and more attention. This includes traditional as well as established measures such as tooth-friendly nutrition, biofilm management and fluoridation. Additionally new methods like resin infiltration obtain a practical significance nowadays, too. Moreover, profound carious lesions can be excavated more restrictive today, by which a more conservative management is possible. However, the early detection of caries lesions that can be achieved by a structured visual examination and additional methods such as near-infrared transillumination and radiographs, is an important condition to treat caries appropriate.

The speaker of the webinar is Prof. Dr. Jan Kuehnisch, head of the pediatric dentistry department at the University of Munich and member of various scientific societies (ORCA, DGKiZ, DGZ, EAPD).

The aim of the online training on September 7th, 2016 at 3 p.m. is to present the latest status of caries management and to focus on its practical relevance at dental offices.


Some selected topics of the webinar:

  • Is caries a transmitted disease? – Current aspects
  • Can dentists profit from modern diagnostic technologies?
  • Caries excavation come hell or high water?
  • Management of patients with a high caries activity – implications for daily practice


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